2011 Detroit Lions: Contender or Pretender?

Every year there is a “Cinderella Story” in the wonderful world of sports. Most of the time this title is given during the NCAA basketball season. Not this year. Once an 0-16 team only three seasons ago, the Detroit Lions are the number two team in the NFL at 5-0 as of now in 2011. I’m not putting the Lions ahead of the Packers. Not happening.
But, are the Lions for real? Can they keep up their winning ways and can Matthew Stafford stay health?
The Lions have out scored their opponents 159 to 89 during their five game win streak. They have also battled back from at least 18 points down twice, once against the Vikings in week three and again the next week against the Cowboys.
Even with all of this going in the Lions favor to make the a contender, I am still not sold. The Cowboys gave that game away in week four late. Romo threw two back-to-back pick-6s and then the safeties forgot how to jump and swat a ball away.
I will give the Lions props on effectively using Calvin “Megatron” Johnson though. Dude is a beast.
Plus, who have the Lions beat? Tampa Bay? Wow, they have not won anything since Moby Dick was a mina. The Chiefs? Give me a break. The Vikings are trying to figure out why they signed McNabb. Adrian Peterson may be throwing the ball before the end of the season. I’m not even going to say anything about the Bears. The only real team that the Lions have beat is the Cowboys. I think it is a little to early to start making Lions Super Bowl shirts and hats.
I am predicting that the Lions will win this week against the 49ers but then it all comes to an end. The Falcons come to town in week seven. I’m taking the Falcons in that one. The Broncos may not lose another game (just kidding) now that “Tebow Time” has taking Denver by storm (about time). Then the Bears and the Panthers get a chance at knocking the Lions off. The Panthers game will be a good match-up and you already know how I feel about the Bears. The last five weeks of the season is where we will all find out if the Lions are a contender or pretender. Green Bay gets the Lions at home in week 12 then the Saints come to Detroit. The Vikings may be the only win the Lions get between weeks 12 and 16. The NFC is not as strong as it has been in past years so I am not going to say the Lions will not be playing in January. One thing I will say is that they will not win 11 or more games.
Every team in every sport runs off of momentum at some point (except the 2009 Lions). I think all of this hoopla will fall off in a week or so. I’m all for a team that’s not suppose to do anything to surprise people. Look at my St. Louis Cardinals this season. Counted out in April. Right there in October. If the Lions do make the playoffs, along with the Bills, I think that would be a great thing for the NFL since all of the lockout crap almost blew up in Rogers face. On my final note, I am not a Lions hater or basher, I just don’t think the Lions are as good or “great” as people say they are. Holler at me in week 15 and then we will se where the Lions are. Until then, lets get off of the Lions bandwagon.


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